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Small Innovative Companies (SMEs)

Commercialising innovative products can stretch a growing company’s organisational and financial resources. In order to fund sales growth activity, businesses with innovative technologies, high potential for rapid growth and potential to generate high commercial returns often seek funding from venture capital firms.

However, venture capitalists usually take a significant portion of the company's ownership, and additional funding rounds further dilute the original investors. Even after venture capital funding, some 90% of businesses fail to deliver timely sales, run out of cash and fold, leaving just 10% of businesses to reach on-going profits. As most of the VC funding is to cover sales and marketing costs, Growth Innovators Group offers to undertake these commercialisation costs with payment earned only when tangible commercial returns are achieved.

We work with innovative small businesses that have proven demand for their product or service and offerings which are potentially relevant to a number of different industries.

GIG realises the potential and rapidly escalates the value of innovative products. Our experienced industry sector development directors work with Marketing Partners (large companies) to grow sales and through expanding the number of distribution channels.

This opens up a range and a scale of markets and industries that would not be accessible due to the lack of resources and market influence of a small innovative company acting alone.

Growth Innovators Group absorbs the risk and costs associated with developing a small innovative company and its management team, taking payment in equity and a share of sales achieved only when tangible results are delivered.

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