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What We Look For

Our team includes senior executives with board level experience in large companies in all our markets. This enables us to provide significant value to the innovative companies carefully selected for inclusion in our portfolio.

We are particularly enthusiastic about innovative companies developing Green, Transport, Internet & Security and Telecom and Media Technologies, Clean-Tech, and Automotive.

Typically, our small innovative company clients are UK based businesses with turnover between £100k to £5 million per annum and employ 2 to 50 people.

The innovation should be hard to replicate by a competitor, have proven sales and be capable of being sold across a number of industry sectors or markets.

The management team should want to accelerate business growth and be capable with our support of managing substantial growth. Generally we expect the management team to be seeking an exit within five years.

If you believe Growth Innovators Group could help your company and would like further information please contact us.

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