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New technologies, products and market sectors present growth opportunities to large companies. However, evaluating 100’s of propositions from innovative companies, assessing new technologies from other industries, and understanding new markets all require significant resource in both time and cost.

Commercialising core and innovative technologies to new and non-core markets can stretch a company’s resources. The resulting sales opportunity may be small compared to those in core markets. The cost of the whole process comes straight off the bottom line. Understandably, businesses use their finite resource to focus product development toward core markets, segments and customers. That’s where Growth Innovators Group comes in!

Our network of human capital, innovation know-how, and our unique business model accelerates the commercialisation of innovative products. Dedicated teams are built around a large company partner to deliver additional sales of core and innovative products - sales that might otherwise remain locked within the business.

Our experienced industry sector professionals (Development Directors) have in-depth understanding of a wide range of markets and industries. Growth Innovators Group forges multiple marketing partnerships that rapidly unlock sales of a company’s core and innovative products to a wide range of non-core markets and industries. We bear the cost of commercialising these identified opportunities. Our unique Development Director model is both very flexible and operates at a lower cost than most large companies can replicate.

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