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Innovation Is At Our Core

The Government White Paper “Innovation Nation” published in 2008, argues that innovation is essential to the UK's future prosperity and quality of life. To raise productivity, foster competitive businesses, meet the challenges of globalisation and to live within our environmental and demographic limits, the UK must excel at all types of innovation.

Innovation is important for national productivity and economic growth. Comparative studies have shown that the productivity gap between the UK and the USA (the productivity leader in recent years) is due to lower levels of investment in, or returns from, investment in R&D.

The effects of innovative people are self- reinforcing: innovative businesses are attracted to highly skilled and creative workforces and, in turn, innovative people are drawn towards exciting and challenging career opportunities.

Growth Innovators Group provides a new way for companies to commercialise innovation, develop their growth strategy and expand their distribution channels to multiple markets. We especially work with innovative companies that develop Clean Tech, Transport, Logistics & SupplyChain, Internet and Security, Telecom Media & Technology, Utilities, Construction, Aerospace & Defence, Manufacturing, Oil & Energy, Health Tech, Automotive, Biotechnology, Consumer, Environmental and Creative technologies.

We absorb the risk and costs associated with developing a small innovative company and its management team. We take payment in equity and a share of sales achieved only when tangible results are delivered.

Innovation tends to cluster in particular locations and innovators are helped by interaction that thrives on trust and proximity. Aside from helping the supply of knowledge, clusters mean that innovative organisations can be close to their market and thereby able to anticipate future demand. We recognise and work closely with several such clusters.

In addition, GIG has extensive relationships with innovation centres around the country and continues to expand on the number of locations with whom it can connect. These linkages are used to foster innovative companies and expand on the routes by which we can take products to market.

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