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How We’re Different


GIG’s experienced Development Directors have an in-depth understanding of a wide range of vertical market sectors and industries, both in the UK and around the world.

We capture the potential and rapidly escalate the value of our partners’ innovative products. Our experienced Development Directors work with large marketing partners to develop growth strategies and expand channels of distribution.

Our Development Directors review the marketplace, in which they have expertise, to identify and then approach potential marketing partners on behalf of an innovative company. They also undertake due diligence, as part of a team, before a prospective new innovative company is signed up to our portfolio, and provide ongoing expert advice across a range of business disciplines.


Our core team has broad experience of products, productisation and product management. This experience is used to focus down on the key USPs, market channels and potential growth opportunities for innovative company products. This allows us to refine the product offering in conjunction with the innovative company before taking these products or services into the larger market.


Our experienced industry sector professionals have in-depth understanding of a wide range of markets, numerous contacts within different industries and Board level experience of forging marketing partnerships.

For large companies Growth Innovators Group may establish a dedicated business unit within its Enterprise team. By working with us a large company’s core products or yet to be exploited innovations can be commercialised to a range of markets and industries that would otherwise be difficult or uneconomic to reach.


We commercialise innovative products to a wide range of customers by forging multiple marketing partnerships across several industries. By developing numerous sales channels we accelerate the sales of innovative products and reduce the risks always inherent in fast sales growth plans.

Large companies, secured as Marketing Partners, can also market the SMEs innovative companies' products or services to their own large customer bases. This rapidly increases the small business's sales and profits. Our Marketing Partners are businesses of a significant size with the capability to buy or distribute the innovative company’s products into global markets.

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