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Growth Innovators Group provides a market driven approach for companies to commercialise innovation, drive their growth strategy and expand their distribution channels to multiple markets.

Growth Innovators Group works on a contingent payment basis to forge multiple trade partnerships (“Marketing Partners”) between an innovative company and large companies. These partnerships are negotiated, secured and managed through an extensive network of well-connected senior industry executives ("Development Directors"). Through these activities, Growth Innovators Group amplifies the potential for the SME to achieve rapid commercialisation, increase sales, profits and hence shareholder value.

We are able to absorb the risk and costs associated with developing a small innovative company and its management team, taking payment in earned equity and a share of sales achieved only when tangible results are delivered.

We work with innovative companies that develop technologies applicable to the following sectors: Clean Tech, Transport, Logistics & Supply Chain, Internet and Security, Telecom Media & Technology, Utilities, Construction, Aerospace & Defence, Manufacturing, Oil & Energy, Health Tech, Automotive, Biotechnology, Consumer, Environmental and Creative. Our team includes senior executives with board level experience at both large and small companies in all our markets. This enables us to provide significant value to the innovative companies we carefully select for inclusion in our portfolio.

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