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Growth Innovators Group Ltd (GIG) provides a way for companies to commercialise innovation, accelerate sales and enter multiple markets simultaneously. We work with innovative companies to maximise the potential of innovative technology and generate high commercial returns.

Our experienced industry sector professionals have in-depth understanding of a wide range of markets and experience of forging marketing partnerships to significantly accelerate the sales of innovative technology. We work with large global Enterprises and small innovative businesses alike to commercialise innovation.

Small Innovative Companies

For small innovative companies (SME’s), GIG commercialises innovation by securing distribution through large companies as partners. This opens up a range of markets and industries that might otherwise be inaccessible due to the lack of resources and market influence of a small company.

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Large Companies

By working with Growth Innovators Group a large company’s core products or yet to be exploited innovations can be commercialised in a range of niche markets and through specialised sectors that would otherwise be uneconomic for it to reach. GIG’s industry experts may also identify potential new market sectors and opportunities.

Growth Innovators Group can provide a stream of new and relevant innovations from its portfolio of SME innovation companies to add value to a large company’s product offering. Also through our network of senior industry development directors we are able to make strategic introductions at board level across sectors, thus opening new markets.

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